niedziela, 9 maja 2010

Lets start!


today is 9.05.2010.

I think it is a good day to start my blog about Russia.

What for am I starting it? A very good question.

A little bit to keep up my English - first reason.

Next idea - to know more about Russia. Why not?

Apart from politics (if any it will be present here only in historical context) I am going to produce some posts about what country is Russia today.

I am going to find some answers on-line. Is it possible? I would like to go to Russia very much but these dasys it is quite immpossible. Maybe in future? Then my own blog can be very useful to me.

I am also asking about your comments to my blog. Feel free to put here your countless ideas.

My journey around Russia I want to start in Moscow of course. A famous Red Square will be my place number one to present it. Why? Well... many reasons for it.

First - mind what a day we have today. Russian people have been celebrating 65th anniversary of their IIWW victory in the morning. A great parade happened on Moscow's Red Square. Many famous people came to take part. For example - German and Israel leaders (what I read in Polish newspapers).

So here is my photo number one - A Red Square in Moscow.

ps. when you know good Net sites about Russia (with many pictures etc) let me know about it , please, in comments section or via e-mail. Thank you in advance.
To be continued soon...
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